About us

East Haven Veterinary Service is made up of a team of veterinary professionals who each have the same idea – the best possible care for each of our patients. Each of us has one or more treasured pets and understands fully how much your pet means to you. We all love working with each other and of caring for you and your pet to the fullest.

Our clinic has been planned in such a way that you and your pet will feel comfortable right from the start. There is a cozy reception area and modern well lit examination rooms. We encourage you to stay with your pets while we examine them (except during surgery or x-rays). We aim to make your consultation a positive and comfortable one for both you and your loved one, and even have a second examination room that features a comfortable couch for more nervous patients.

As well as providing traditional small animal health care services such as medical, dental, diagnostic and surgical, our clinic also offers laser therapy, acupuncture, herbal therapy and Tui Na massage. Our professional staff will ensure that you understand all options available so that you can always make the most informed decisions for your pet.

In addition to our expected services all of our professionals are committed to the environment and to giving back to the community. We sponsor a coffee station at the local library and we have a greenhouse from which both our clients and the community benefit  when we have enjoyed a good harvest!