Diagnostics involves a complete and thorough Physical Exam and careful listening to a pet owner’s concerns and is the most important first step in preventing illness, keeping your pet healthy and in diagnosing a medical problem. We recommend routine pre-surgical screening prior to elective surgery to assess for potential risks. And Wellness Screenings are an important part of our mission in preventative care,  including Heartworm and Lyme disease exposure and to look for and be aware of other internal changes or problems that can be detected with simple diagnostic tests during Yearly Physical Exams. Often times these tests are critical for finding issues that our pets just don’t show outwardly but can mean so much for quality of life and comfort care.

We utilize an in-house lab for quick results when needed and have a Veterinary reference lab with overnight service on most tests we request. We have Digital X-ray in hospital as well as use a service for our heart patient’s care that works directly with a Veterinary Cardiologist for rapid diagnosis and treatment.