Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt Reimert grew up in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, a small town in eastern PA situated between two small cities. His education and early family life did not take him far from home as he attended college in Reading, PA and veterinary school in Philadelphia, PA at the University of Pennsylvania. After vet school, Dr. Matt completed a rotating internship at a large specialty hospital in Gaithersburg, Maryland. That experience allowed Dr. Matt to hone many of the skills and much of the knowledge acquired in vet school prior to entering veterinary practice back in eastern PA.


After the internship, Dr. Matt was offered a position as an associate veterinarian at the practice he had worked in prior to going to vet school. He was very fortunate to work for a husband and wife veterinary team who demonstrated excellence in the practice of veterinary medicine and in running an animal hospital.  Dr. Matt spent 12 years at Hamilton Animal Care progressing his skills as a veterinary clinician with particular attention to high level patient care and excellent client care and education.  His early career has allowed him to understand the importance of thorough client education when it comes to successfully treating his patients and their pets. In addition to the time spent as a general practitioner, Dr. Matt continued to work as an emergency veterinary clinician in a world-class specialty hospital just outside of Philadelphia.


Travel has always been an important part of Dr. Matt’s family life, and he came to know Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom during some of those travels. The beauty of the area, the friendliness of the people, and the opportunity to work with Dr. Sally at East Haven Veterinary Service made the move to the NEK a natural next step in his personal and professional life. Dr. Matt and his family are very happy to join the NEK community!

Dr. Sally

Like a lot of people in our profession, Dr. Sally Schlueter wanted to be a veterinarian before she could spell it! Growing up in a family of seven with very tolerant and animal loving parents, many wonderful animals from guinea pigs to horses and 4H sheep and goats and all sorts of dogs and cats found their way to our home and hobby farm and the passion to work with people and animals for life was set! Graduating in 1988 from Kansas State University with a DVM, the path to Vermont went through Texas as a small animal clinician, Maryland with a year of working small animal emergency care and then three years in Cairo, Egypt. This is when Dr. Sally opened her first clinic and helped take care of the family pets that traveled and lived with other foreign workers there as well as helped ease the lives of some of the many street dogs and cats by treating them and helping to get them adopted.

Dr. Sally moved to Vermont in 1994 and practiced in St. Johnsbury and Littleton NH and in 2006 opened East Haven Veterinary Service, starting with remodeling the original school house in the village and having a mobile veterinary van. In 2010 she began the study of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and became certified in Small Animal Acupuncture and in Tui Na Medical Massage as well as continuing to study Herbal Medicine and Food Therapy. She has found it so rewarding to have “more tools in the toolbox” in using an integrated approach in being able to draw from both Western and Eastern medical science for pet and client care and a source of lifelong study.

Other passions include loving being a Grandmother at the top of the list, gardening and enjoying the pleasure of a good walk in the woods with her dogs in any season!

Dr. Judith Glowicz grew up as a city girl in Pawtucket, Rhode Island although she much preferred the countryside and as a young girl she spent many days riding horses and at one point thought she'd like to be a professional rider.  However, the field of Veterinary medicine won her heart and she graduated in 1985 from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Animal Science and in 1989 graduated from the University of Florida with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.  Her earlier years as a veterinarian were spend in Rhode Island, first as an associate veterinarian and then as an owner of Seaside Veterinary Services, a mobile mixed practice.  

In 2014, Dr. Judy and her husband David moved up to the northeast Kingdom to live full time in their home near the mountains.

Dr. Judy is excited to join East Haven Veterinary on a part time basis and brings with her many years of experience and passion in caring for small animal patients.

In her free time, Dr. Judy enjoys gardening, spending time with her dogs and cats and riding her Morgan mare.

Dr. Judy

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