Pain Management

Painfulness can come on acutely, such as from just the wrong turn during a great frisbee catch or too much fun on a hike. Pain is something that definitely needs to be controlled and alleviated during and after a surgical or dental procedure. And, if chronic, such as with age-related arthritis or other illness, it can change the quality of life of our special pets. Finding and diagnosing the cause or underlying reason or imbalance is the first important step in treatment, then an individual pain management plan tailored to correcting the problem and provide comfort for healing.

Pain management uses a multi-modal strategy for best success and that is where our Integrated Medicine approach for treatment can really benefit our patients. We can tailor a program for short term needs or long term care with the right combination of pain medicine, nutritional supplements, diet and weight management along with other treatments including laser therapy to stimulate healing, acupuncture, herbal therapy, massage therapy and exercise physiotherapy.

If painfulness is a concern for your special one, we want to help!