Burke Chamber Christmas Tree

It was unanimous! We all wanted to adopt a Christmas tree to be displayed in the Center of East Burke! Our creativity wheels started up. It was agreed that we all wanted our "Clinic Family" to be on the tree. Pictures started pouring in and after a couple of weeks, we had over 200 beautiful, innocent pets (and some people) for our tree. Each picture was decorated with care, love and a lot of "OMG...how cute is this one" Family members pitched in and it all came together. If we won, $100 would be awarded to a local charity of our choice. Being in a small town of East Haven, our library was our choice! They do so much for the community of our small town!

Lights were strung (with help of a little muscles), each branch was decorated and the end result was amazing! This event was so well planned, each tree unique and beautiful...certainly enough to put you in the Christmas Spirit. The Christmas party was so great - delicious food, carols and friendly faces. Then the judges returned from the cold and it was announced - East Haven had won BEST TREE in the business category. Hooray!

This has been one of the most creative, festive and fun events ever. Thanks to everyone who helped make our tree beautiful and fuuuuuury! Enjoy our movie!

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